Born Under A Bad Sign

So if I have this story straight, Geoff Wetrosky, the campaign chair-man-child for soon to be former Manchester Mayor Bob “People love taxes” Baines was caught “liberating” Mayoral Candidate Frank Guinta signs and taking the liberated signs to his hideout at, where else, State Democrat Party Chairman Cathy Sullivan's abode.

I had to stumble across this story on my own as it seems not to be news to most outlets in NH. But is set me to wonder.[See]

This Geoff Wetrosky has been paid since April as far as I can tell by none other than former presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry has all kinds of former campaign helpers just like Geoff scattered all over the country working on local races.

Let me take a page out of the Sullivan play-book for a minute.

If Wetrosky stole signs, he would be committing a misdemeanor. Then by taking them to his boss from the Democrat Party she would then be receiving stolen goods, at least. But since Wetrosky is working for Democrat Senator John Kerry - that is who makes his check possible – he must have known his employee was involved in stealing signs. So he would be guilty of conspiracy. (I'm on a roll)

The sooner we get to the bottom of this the better. A crime was committed and somebody lied. We need statements under oath from the whole bunch to compare against each other.

I can see it now. I will bet the farm Kerry will deny he knew anything about this. That would PROVE he was lying. (Suddenly I feel like a liberal)

You never know. This just may be the next Watergate.

Ed Naile, Chair, CNHT