Connect the Dots

I like Dots. Every time I go to the movies – Dots it is. The BIG Box.

Then there are the other dots. The “connect the dots.” You can't eat'em but you can relish them.

Here is a taste:

DOT # 1

I just got off the phone with Barry Silver. Barry lives in Boca Raton Florida and ran for Congress in 1999. In his Democrat primary he was up against a very aggressive opponent who “slimed” him. Barry Silver proceeded to take his opponent to court for this reprehensible act and she, his opponent, decided to just pay him $5,000.00 instead of clearing her name.

Mr. Silver, “the slimed”, was going to do the same for the campaign manager of “the slimer” but before he could act the “assistant slimer” skedaddled for parts unknown - to Barry Silver.

We in NH know the “assistant slimer” as Jesse Burchfield of State Senator Burt Cohen fame. (Burchfield who? I lost his resume.)

Jesse just survived a slight talking to on Monday by the big bad federal prosecutors who unfortunately captured him after he made off with the future of the 2004 Burt Cohen For US Senate Campaign by fudging the books by about $300,000. The FEC was vewy, vewy mad. Now he will have to serve probation. No, not that!

DOT # 2

Who is that man in the car with the South Dakota plates? Its Geoff Watrotsky! (No, that's not a typo. I like to call him Wa-trotsky since I saw he had his picture posted on the internet with a statue of Karl Marx. Such a pair.)

Watrotsky blew into our Granite State to help Mayor Bob Baines lose his election to Frank Guinta last week. Watrotsky, if you remember, was the political sign stealer who stopped by “Democrat command headquarters” with his stolen loot – Guinta for Mayor and State GOP signs. Watrotsky was bankrolled during this endeavor by our good neighbor to the south, US Senator John Kerry. That makes two losers, a crook and a... (fill in the blank with your favorite adjective.).

Dot connecting time.

What do two out of state thugs brought to NH to campaign for liberal tax and spend Democrats have in common?

1. Plausible deniability?

2. Friends in the NH press?

3. Out of state I.D.?

5. Links to higher-ups?

6. Bags full of dirty tricks?


7. They both will be spared the 8 months in prison Chuck McGee is serving for having had to do political battle on behalf of his Republican candidates against creeps like this, year, after year, after year.