Interesting Manchester Mayoral Race

Alderman Frank Guinta bested three-term Manchester Mayor Bob Baines Tuesday with an anti-tax message (the one most liberals say never works) topped off with a tough-on-crime promise.

Both candidates had outside help from the usual cadre of primary-interested members of their own party but Baines had the support of Governor Not Benson. That may come as a shocker to him and a sign of weakness by potential gubernatorial candidates from any party. After all, Mayor Baines was one of the top office holding Democrats in the state next to the RINOs on the executive Council and House leadership.

Our taxpayer group, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, will be interested even more in the next election in two years now that the spending cap was kept from the Manchester voters by the nit-picking of wording in the cap by the Secretary of State and AG's office. This trick failed in Laconia where the city council placed a revised cap on the ballot - which passed.

By causing the cap to be sent off to Superior Court where it was held up until after the time it could get back on the ballot, voters were denied a chance to make a tangible statement regarding Manchester spending. This clever trick worked wonders in killing the cap, a move that may have been contrived to keep voter turnout down. But it only served to delay the inevitable.

Mayor Baines showed himself to be a real quality guy in coming to Guinta's victory party to concede the election. It is a small city and this is a good move in getting the new team in place. Maybe the Republicans in Manchester can be so kind to each other for a while and help Frank Guinta with his new job.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT