Geoff Wetrosky Who Is He?

...and where did he go?

Suddenly, the Sen. John Kerry wonder-kid bankrolled by aforementioned super-lib is no longer residing in our fair state. Huh?

You could find Geoff Warthogsky at 192 South Mammoth Rd. home of Democrat State Party Chair/bull horn from April 2005 until about November 8, 2005 but now he is persona-no finda.

Then he just up and vanished. Kinda like Jesse Burchfield the Democrat campaign thug hired by former NH State Senator Burt Cohen – hired by - but paid for by???????

Let's re-cap, no not knee-cap, re-cap Geoff Warthogsky for a moment.

Warthogsky was the sign stealer at around 11:30 pm the evening before the Manchester Mayor’s race. He was the brainchild of the plan to steal GOP State Committee and Guinta For Mayor campaign signs – we assume. It is a FACT he stole the signs then drove to Dem. Party Chair Sullivan's home because the Manchester Police tracked him down there.

According to my sources, as Warthogsky stole the signs he was furiously calling on his cell phone to an anonymous person, place, or maybe, party chair. I don't know right now but hope to find out.

Then, when captured by the Manchester Police by his little warthogsky tail he squealed “please let me go Mr. Policeman I am leaving for South Dakota just as soon as possible, weee, weee, weee.”

Warthogsky is presumably back in his native state where all good Democrat thugs go after soiling New Hampshire.

Speaking of soiling…

How about checking your pants Mr. Warthogsky, CNHT hasn't forgotten you! No not by a long shot.

Mr. Warthogsky is our 2005 CNHT Christmas gift. Put a bow on him and a big fat X on his political career.

Stay tuned readers. This is about to get gooooooooooooooood!

Update: Saw Chuck McGee this week. He lost 140 lbs. over the last eight months. He looks great! Chuck is rested, relaxed, and ready to have a sit-down with CNHT. Chuck will be a guest on Taxpayer Radio sometime in January, on WLMW 90.7 FM.

Ed Naile, Chair CNHT