US Congressman Tom Tancredo Visits NH Taxpayer Radio

We at CNHT had the pleasure of interviewing Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo on our radio program, NH Taxpayer Radio, heard weekly on WLMW 90.7 FM Thursday evenings 6-8 PM.  Saturday we taped a special program we will repeat this Thursday, June 16. CNHT Directors Howard Dilworth and Norm Bernier helped out.

So what did we ask the Congressman? We asked the obvious questions which involve why so few members of Congress from both parties think illegal immigration is something they can ignore much longer.

Congress has under the US Constitution a duty to oversee naturalization as well as a duty to protect our shores from invasion. It can be argued that the way we handle our borders now violates both charges to that body. I believe naturalizing citizens to become productive members of our society, a necessary process that is part of our heritage and builds our economy, should not be an impediment to keeping out terrorists who come here to do us harm. Nor should it be used as an excuse to allow a foreign country to in effect “colonize” the US for that country’s benefit.

Congressman Tancredo pointed out that Mexicans living in the US send about $18 billion dollars back home each year. That being true, what do we get from our trading partner? Are Mexicans more economically well off? Is Mexico less corrupt? Are more Mexicans being educated to compete in an ever modernized workplace?

The never ending swarm of illegal aliens crossing our boarders should give us a clue. Tancredo pointed out that in his discussions with Vicente Fox, the Mexican leader preferred not to talk about these issues. Sounds like most of our US Congress.

CNHT Director Howard Dilworth pointed out to Congressman Tancredo during the interview that no matter what we do as a NH taxpayer organization illegal immigration comes up when we meet with activists. Talk about schools or municipal issues and eventually you come back to the subject of illegal immigration. This is an interesting phenomenon.

Congressman Tancredo reminds me of other issue advocates and presidential candidates who have come to NH in the past to bring awareness to any number of issues major media and current political leaders shy away from. To the Congressman’s credit he’s chosen to meet with grass roots people in situations such as attending a school graduation, a breakfast in Concord, and several talk radio programs.

The next election cycle is a long way off but grass-roots displeasure with illegal immigration and the leadership vacuum in Washington could make for an interesting combination when it comes.

Ed Naile, Chair
Coalition of NH Taxpayers