The Real Freestate Story

So you want a little inside information about who the Free State Project people really are? I am talking the inside-inside story that only someone who has been out to dinner with many of them and talked about personal backgrounds and the like would know – someone like for instance – me.

This past Friday evening I went to a social event in Manchester which included many of the attendees of a two-day workshop Free State supporters from around the country held there. There were several speakers and a chance to mingle with the 100 or so people there – Free Staters as well as established NH activists. We went out with a group of about 15 after that. I sat with some couples and people who came alone as well. We talked about politics and relationships mostly. It was as usual a very enjoyable evening.

The next day it was lunch in Manchester with more Free State people in a group of about 60 -70. This lunch was very cordial, friendly, and entertaining as were all the meetings with this organization to which I have ever been. In fact, I pointed out when given a chance to speak at a Merrimack Free State meeting several months ago how well-behaved the children were who sat through several hours of parents talking politics without so much as a peep from them. These kids read and played while the adults talked. This always stands out to me being from a family of seven kids where my parents were very much aware of what we were up to at social events.

But now after spending more time with Free State members another interesting observation has occurred to me and that is how dedicated the couples are to each other. I do not believe I have listened to as many couples who genuinely share the same interests as the Free State members who are coming to New Hampshire.

We all know young couples share a certain newness in their relationships but it goes beyond that. The Free State couples I meet have an even stronger bond. Maybe it is the adventure of starting a new life here and a larger purpose of changing the political culture that surrounds them. In that regard they are probably as dedicated in their desire for personal freedom as activists from the political left who simply crave power. And that is a good thing for New Hampshire.

Ed Naile, Chair
Coalition of NH Taxpayers