Wait! That’s Mommy’s House

Thought you would like to know about a little project CNHT has been working on since last week. We are all smart people here so I will cut to the chase. It is a warrant article and goes like this:

We the undersigned voters of the Town of Weare petition the town to place in the next annual town warrant the following:

"To see if the voters of Weare will vote to take by eminent domain a certain parcel of land consisting of 8.08 acres located on Cilley Rd, Map 406 parcel #21, also known as the Souter Property, for the creation of a public park dedicated to honor the New Hampshire and US Constitutions or take any action related there to."

Former State Rep. and Weare resident, Gary Hopper, will be gathering the necessary signatures for us. Weare is a town of about 8,500 people. We need 25 signatures.

I worked with Gary and his wife Brenda two years ago to draft a similar town meeting warrant article which the voters town approved. That one was to make the position of Police Chief ELECTED as per state statute RSA 47:41. The subject of the warrant article chose not to run. Weare has a new police chief and the sky has not fallen.

This tells me Weare voters are willing to take the time to consider warrant articles and what is best for the town.

Now Weare voters have a chance, a historic chance, to make a statement about the state of our nation and individual rights with a simple vote at their town hall. This tradition has been going on in Weare for over two hundred years and is still in good hands - unlike our US Supreme Court.

Ed Naile, Chair
Coalition of NH Taxpayers