RINOs Crashed My Party [Humor]

Straight out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not, comes this revelation:

All semi-educated people – at least the ones I converse with, have come across the terms "pod of whales", "plague of locusts", "murder of crows", and so on.

Well the thought came to me that maybe, just maybe, the rhinoceros would have some bizarre and useful description such as the previously mentioned ones involving whales and crows. Look it up for yourself. The name for a group of rhinos is a "crash".

I could not have made this up in a thousand years. It is amazing. How much more descriptive can a noun be to describe a despicable group of "Republicans In Name Only" without having to use several adjectives such as "dirty rotten", or "conniving no good", or my favorite "sneaky low-life"?

This noun-as-an-adjective thing may catch on now that I have discovered how clean a description can be had with such brevity. Example of seven recent offers:

  1. A flashbulb of John McCains
  2. A potty of Lindsey Grahams
  3. A landfill of Olympia Snowes
  4. A spittoon of John Warners
  5. An ulcer of Susan Collinses
  6. A sphincter of Lincoln Chafees
  7. A bribe of Mike DeWines

This filibuster of US Senators sold out their party for a handful of already broken promises from the Democrats, who do not have to stomach such turncoats amongst them because the Democrat Party sold out to the far, far left years ago. Need proof? Can you spell Howard Dean?

In any case there are plenty of New Hampshire RINOs to name and we are accepting only serious offers. Please phone your suggestions to: 1.800.2006

Ed Naile

Chair, CNHT

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