The "Pledge"

One by one the 12 current State Representatives who attended the Coalition of NH Taxpayers Annual Cookout at the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds on Saturday July 9, took a second look at our "Wall of Fame and Shame" when they noticed we blew up pink and poster-sized, all eight of the feared NH House Republican Alliance Scorecards, also known as "The Pink Sheets".

The NH HRA prints "The Pink Sheets" weekly listing the recorded roll-call votes of House members. The total number of votes used was 55 and can be found at: so you can read the bills for yourself.

The top 20 State Reps who make up the 90% range are obviously our favorites. They voted to support affordable, limited government as our founding fathers envisioned.

But we also are not shy about supporting all the State Representatives who made the 75% and up range as well. That group is made up of about 50 individuals.

Honorable mention goes out to every Rep. who could even come up with a 50% score. We will remember them as least trying to look out for taxpayers and our form of government.

So all-in-all we are happy with the results of "The Taxpayer Protection Pledge" we ask candidates to sign. We haven't even broken any arms. As you know even former Governor Shaheen took The Pledge and current two-year governor Lynch beat around the bush and "sort of" took the pledge. At least his friends in the media wrote about him taking it so as to afford plausible deniability.

Interesting to note about the NH HRA Scorecard is the 20% and less crowd of Democrats who vote as a block for taxes almost every time. They are the stereotypes of what is know as "knee-jerk-liberals". This group consists of about 135 individuals elected to the legislature to glean any money out of any pocket available and to leverage that spending by "investing" in programs designed to increase in costs every year. Only 8 of these elected officials are 20% voters. The overwhelming majority of the 135 are 15% to 4% (including illegal Democrat Rep. Bonnie Mitchell). In essence, they are socialist in nature, and more government regulation and more expensive government at all levels is their number one cause.

That makes me wonder. What "Pledge" do they take to be so consistent?

I would like to read the "Spending Pledge".

It would be nice to know who administers it, who gives the consistent marching orders.

How are they funded? (I'll bet it is with our tax dollars – as usual.)

What promise of retribution is levied against any potential offender that keeps these tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-spend Reps. on the socialist reservation? It must be a scary thing.

Or is knee-jerk liberalism a symptom of a weak and greedy mind. My Pledge-taking State Representatives get accused of being selfish, and greedy, uncaring, and even evil all the time - because we take our "Pledge" openly and make good targets.

Maybe it is time for The Coalition of NH Taxpayers to give an award to "Spending Pledgers". Liberals love awards. Pick up any local weekly "happy paper" they are literally stuffed with people getting awards.

September, yep September would be a great "Spending Pledger" scorecard month. Now on which color paper shall we print them?

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers