It’s A Small World

Can I comment on two people in the news who I can claim to have some connection with? This is 'so' Kevin Bacon and Hollywood.

The subjects: Karl Rove and “Ambassador” Joe Wilson.

Early this year I was asked to give a little talk about “building coalitions” in politics. It was a week-long series at New England College. I was on a three person panel one morning with speakers from the AFLCIO and The Sierra Club moderated by Katrina Swett. I gave students a brief example of how The Coalition of NH Taxpayers helps candidates. Without too much patting of myself on the back I think I can safely say I kept the other two speakers on their toes. They had no idea how CNHT operates with no funds but still influences elections but then had to explain their big money methods in direct comparison with ours. I was told that at the end of the week students were polled and asked who they thought was the most effective. Although the students did not agree with our taxpayer positions they thought we did a good job of influencing elections. I was even approached later by one student in a grocery store who described several of the earlier presentations in the week as “bogus.” In the lonely land of taxpayer activism compliments are very few and far between. I’ll take that as one.

One of the earlier speakers at the lecture series in Henniker was “Ambassador” Joe Wilson. Unfortunately I did not get to hear Wilson’s discourse at the time but it seems it doesn’t matter because his story is an ever evolving one. He is for all intents and purposes a pathological self promoter who is enjoying his inside connections with his CIA employee – and that is all she is – wife who sent him on a seek and destroy President Bush excursion at taxpayer expense.

So the CIA that the President counts on for vital information about impending terrorist strikes against our citizens is really full of party hacks. I’m surprised.

I knew this is has been the case with the State Department as New Hampshire’s hapless RINO and Bush I appointee Betty Tamposi found out when she “made a call” about then presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s student years in Russia. I still have the news clipping describing how that call was “accidentally picked up” by an employee checking to see if anyone needed a translator. Translation: The phones are tapped in the State Department and the juicy stuff goes right to the Washington Post. Sorry about that political career with the Republicans Betty. Good luck with the Democrats.

Now with Karl Rove, a different angle. I was invited to the White House a few weeks before we invaded Iraq along with activist from all over the US - thank you Americans For Tax Reform – for an informal briefing on impending actions regarding the war on terrorism. There were about 225 -250 activists there when Karl Rove spoke about what was to be expected in the upcoming military campaign and general discussion about America’s response. I think you could say he was reaching out to the grass roots. Rove was one of several speakers.

There was no bragging about instant victory or flowers being thrown at our troops from balconies. In fact the mission was described much as it has unfolded, tough, full of ups and downs, and part of a long term action against terrorists who threaten US lives from where ever they operate. At the time, the Philippines were the hiding place of a sizable group of Islamic terrorists.

I did not expect maps, charts, timetables, military methods, troop movements, or even pull-out dates. We were asked to be patient and supportive of the troops.

So when I look at the Rove/Wilson controversy where the major media is constantly promoting any ever-changing series of lies told by Wilson as gospel and parsing any utterance by Rove into an endless list of potential felonies I have come to understand that talking one on one with real people, if I can take the liberty to describe myself as one, by this administration is probably the best and probably the only sensible policy they have available to them.

Why Karl Rove would even take a call from any reporter is beyond me so I have to wonder.

Did Rove plan ahead of time to let Wilson yak himself into oblivion and out of any future book deals?

Could he have tricked Newsweak’s Matt Cooper into calling him so he could set himself up to look like a chump for outing the non-agent Plame in the first place?

Maybe Rove wanted to expose how some of our so-called CIA agents undercut administrations they don’t like and risk American lives with fake reports ginned up on taxpayer funded vacations for their husbands.

And how could Rove have ever been so clever as to even get one reporter to sit in jail too embarrassed to admit she has the same lame Plame sources as everyone else. You have to hand it to him.

I was never really a Rove fan but I am now.

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers