July 19th

July 19, the 36th anniversary of Chappaquiddick and the same date President Bush nominated a decent, honest person to replace liberal Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who once again exposed herself for what she is by questioning why her replacement wasn’t a woman. What a tacky way to exit.

Now the senior Senator from Massachusetts and his Senate friends will attempt to dig up dirt on a nominee who has lead an exemplary life, free of drowned young female companions that we know of. If all else fails look for embarrassing “memos” of questionable origin to surface out of some quality source such as Sandy Burger’s socks or Dan Rather’s mailbox. All this will be accomplished with the help of the national media as they gasp their last breath of credibility.

Both of these liberal institutions are losing credibility at the same time. Their playbooks are thin and the public is tiring of the constant fighting. This could make the President’s next pick easier.