What a Coincidence!

So we have this RSA 39:3 petition to the Weare voters to take Justice Souter’s house in that town by eminent domain for a Constitution Park in the style of the Kelo v. New London ruling Souter is so fond of. The petition is legal. All we need do now is wait for the town meeting in March and do our regular research.

So imagine my surprise and joy at finding out that US Supreme Court Justice Steve Breyer has a summer getaway in Plainfield New Hampshire! (Thanks Howie)

I picked up the assessment card for Breyer’s Plainfield house today and found that Avitar was the assessing firm that assessed Breyer’s Plainfield home. This is the same firm that has David Souter’s 8.08 acres with 700 feet of frontage and colonial home assessed at under $105,000.00 total in 1999 values.

Lucky for The Coalition of NH Taxpayers we have friends in Plainfield so getting the petition there should go as smoothly as the Souter petition.

The news media is ga-ga over the hotel proposal for Souter’s property offered by the gentleman from California. Good luck to him with that project.

I’ll put my chips on RSA 39:3 and eminent domain law in NH that allows the legislative body of a town to initiate the process.