New York Calling!

I was just informed that some group claiming to be "progressive" is touting a recent win of a NH House seat in a special election. That district happens to be near my regular haunts.. Here is the article as sent to me:

Posted by Cameron Corda on Monday, June 20:

"A Win for New Hampshire -- and NYC?
Victory in New Hampshire!

Great news! We targeted a local race, and we won.

On Sunday afternoon, ACT-New York volunteers made 625 Get-Out-The-Vote cell phone calls from Central Park to help a progressive candidate for the NH House of Representatives defeat his NRA-backed opponent in a special election. It turns out that we won—by 68 votes!

The results couldn't have been clearer: We focused on two of the four towns in the district. In the two towns we called, the progressive won by 168 votes; in the two towns we didn't call, the conservative won by 100 votes.

By itself, this victory won't win back the U.S. Congress. Nor will it catapult a progressive into the White House. But it's a start. And we have to tell you — it feels terrific!

We’ll be on the lookout for similar opportunities to swing local races by being smart and organized —both here and across the country.

What an exciting week! For a listing of news and ACTivities, click here.


The ACT New York Team"

So... I wonder why the NY news piece used the term "progressive" for the candidate Gil Shattuck instead of Democrat?

The writer, Cameron Corda, was the webmaster for ACT in some capacity and ACT (Americans Coming Together) was, according to my understanding, supposed to be a Democrat organization backed by the old lefty George Soros along with big labor. Soros just recently pulled his millions out of ACT by the way.

Oh well, if a bunch of NY City folks, George Soros, and Big Labor want to brag about Gil being a "progressive", or in other words, socialist, I won't stand in their way.

In fact, I will be in a Hillsboro diner I frequent tomorrow morning asking everyone who comes in if they knew about this. I think my buddy Walt Morse who ran against Gil may want a copy of this to hang in his sporting goods store as well.

They call that grass-roots politics even in New York.

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers