Pardon me for asking for help with all this techno-stuff but can someone fix the tear in the time space continuum that has developed around my blogs?

I was offered a spot on this site to write about inside New Hampshire events from a truly unique inside position - that of a statewide taxpayer organization. Having a chance to bypass the standard news media was irresistible.

Now it is pretty well known that taxpayer groups are detested by most public officials.

Liberals, progressives, and other soft-socialists hate taxpayer groups as much as most everything else not under their direct and ruthless control. What really irks them is that we are much too taboo and unclean to even infiltrate.

The press, for those of you who don't already know, also despise taxpayer groups and always slam them when given the slightest chance. They often got that chance in years past because before The Coalition of NH Taxpayers came along most local groups actually talked to the press. Bad idea we tell them. The press are part and parcel of government.

Don't believe me? Check out “The Bunker” at Room 116 in the Statehouse some time. That room is where NH's establishment government guts its enemies and covers for its friends. And then we all pay for NHPR to do “selective investigative” liberal journalism.

When it comes to local press, they are often beholden to local elected officials for school sports, police reports, advertisements for public hearings, etc. They try not to rock the boat and faithfully print picture after picture, week after week of some resident getting an award for community service. The hiring of a new school super or town manager demands the services of a glamor shot photographer paired with The Blue Angels flying in the background.

Back to my request for help.

Imagining a lively, informed debate of state laws or trading of experiences with others about local government I pecked away at my computer keys creating what I thought were articles that had a sense of what it is like on the “inside” of many events most news sources skim over, mangle, or neglect. I waited for some response so I could measure how effective I was.

So here is the technical problem as I see it. My home computer generates electronic signals digitally and sends them out over my phone line to the server who in turn forwards that digital stream to the blog site where it is re-created here once again in a word form. That I understand. What confuses me is that somehow I am receiving cryptic responses to my articles, apparently by CB radio and from a locations totally isolated and not of the real world.