A Little Perspective and Maybe a Moral

In August 2005 a category 5 hurricane hit the southern coastline of the US, particularly New Orleans, a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country and where only a small portion ever get solved. This may explain the looting as well as gunfire at rescue workers. Many of the residents of that city are also elderly and receive public assistance.

The New Orleans and Louisiana state officials were caught fumbling every move predetermined to save lives in case of an emergency such as this. It is as though there was no mayor or governor at all. Thousands may be dead.

Flashback to about the same time in August of 2003 in the socialist paradise of France.

Remember, in France everyone receives free health care (not exactly, if you count the fact that about 12% of French citizens can not afford the private health insurance they need for full health coverage but that is another story) and they have a generous welfare state.

But during a two week heat wave in 2003 almost 15,000 elderly and sick people died in their beds from the heat. Lack of air conditioning and medical attention along with abandonment by relatives on holiday are the purported reasons for much of this human disaster. The Health Minister was also on vacation when the situation began and might as well have stayed for all the good he did.

France has a population of about 64 million. The United States has a population of about 295 million.

It wasn't a tidal wave, tsunami, hurricane, or volcano that ended the lives of so many Frenchmen. It was dependency on government.

And it wasn't the flood or hurricane that caused the suffering and death at the New Orleans Super Dome, Rte 10, or Civic Center. It was dependency on government.

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers