Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

I was going to write a piece about the presidential aspirations of one Hillary – no last name needed.

Many of my conservative friends fear she may run for president and win. I do not think she can win but I do hope she will run.

In my camp of people who do not want her to win but do want her to run is her husband Bill Clinton, my biggest ally. I love the guy.

Simply put, Bill Clinton is in my opinion a psychopath. I have a description of such put together by an educated guy who studies these thing. Here it is:

Characteristics of a Psychopath

superficial charm

self-centered & self-important

need for stimulation & prone to boredom

deceptive behavior & lying

conning & manipulative

little remorse or guilt

shallow emotional response

callous with a lack of empathy

living off others or predatory attitude

poor self-control

promiscuous sexual behavior

early behavioral problems

lack of realistic long term goals

impulsive lifestyle

irresponsible behavior

blaming others for their actions

short term relationships

juvenile delinquency

breaking parole or probation

varied criminal activity

Description by: Robert Hare, PhD - a leading expert on the Psychopathic Personality
(Granted, a small percentage of these characteristics do describe me at times.)

You have to agree though that Bill Clinton just about mirrors this list of behaviors in every respect and that is not a bad thing – now he is out of office.

In my humble opinion, and because I have dealt with a few characters like this from time to time in my life, I believe Bill Clinton will do anything he can to keep Hillary from being elected.

My case laid before you is this:

Bill is searching for his “legacy.” Hillary would make him a footnote in her history if she were elected president.

Mr. Clinton set Hillary on a path for destruction early when he let the uber-bitch he knows better than anyone else on Earth loose on heath care reform in his first term. It was almost her undoing.

My favorite. I like the time he posed her in a bathing suit for a “hidden” photographer to snap pictures of from a hidden location nearby while they were on vacation at a private beach. Remember them dancing on the beach to no music? How romantic. That was all for Bill's benefit so he would look look a faithful husband.

Yep, candid shots of first ladies on vacation in their bathing suits are cropping up all the time. Not! Nice move Bill.

And because I did not write this article last week like I was supposed to there is no chance to gloat about Bill's recent slap at the Ms. That would be his counter to her senatorial request for a formal “Katrina Investigation” with a statement about there being lots of time to lay blame after helping people. Polls indicate this is the general mood of Americans.

You have to love that. Just what the public wants – less fighting more cooperation. Bill gets it - she doesn't - as usual.

Let the games begin. She who never gave a stand-up press interview during her entire senate campaign, versus he who never shuts up, has no shame, nor anything to lose.

Finally, Bill Clinton is on my side.

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers