Great! But How Will They PAY For It?

Can't believe I'm offered the chance to turn the tables on a crowd like this.

Take a gander at part of the platform of Canadian Liberal Party Paul Martin in the three paragraphs below.

Tax Relief for Canadians

“The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to continuing the Liberal tax-cut plan. The latest addition to that plan has been approved by Parliament and is now in place, delivering a retroactive personal income tax cut to middle and lower-income Canadians for the 2005 tax year. This tax relief amounts to up to $325 per person this year.

Once fully implemented, this tax cut plan will deliver more than $29 billion in personal tax cuts over the next five years. This builds on the $22 billion in taxes cut in the 2005 budget and the $100-billion tax package delivered in 2000 – the largest tax cut in Canadian history.

As well, low-income seniors and families with children will be receiving payments to help them deal with high energy costs. The Canada Energy Benefit will send anywhere from $125 to $250 to needy households in January.”

Somehow I get e-mails from a Liberal Party Canadian web site and I found this one particularly interesting.

On January 23, 2006 Canadians go to the polls after a vote of no confidence in the Liberal Party which has ruled Canada since 1993. One can assume the liberal party has some pollsters who have tapped into the pulse of Canadian voters.

I don't as a rule make political predictions but I do get Level I, II, and III Sneaky Suspicions on occasion. Right now, based on Canadian voters letting that government take their gun rights and tax them into their molecular level, my Level II Sneaky Suspicion is the Liberals will prevail. I don't think Canadians have the willpower to pass up an offer of tax cuts from liars.