Dirty Campaign Cash Flows to NH Liberals


Dirty Soros Money Used to Attack Congressman Bass

Well the verdict is in and moonbat liberal “lawyer” Lynne Stewart who was defending the blind sheik fella who tried to blow up the Twin Towers in NY - THE FIRST TIME, under hero President Clinton's watch has been convicted today of helping the sheik contact followers in Egypt while she was supposed to be “defending” him. Her main problem defending herself was that she shot her fat mug off publicly in a press conference, warning islamo-facists overseas that her “client” was withdrawing his support for a ceasefire.

Lynne Stewart is a typical, sad, case of a mental patient-type, masquerading as a defense attorney. She takes up cases that help her sell her left-wing agenda, which was stated quite eloquently by herself in an interview she gave after her arrest by Attny General John Ashcroft. Here it is:

“I’m such a strange amalgam of old-line things and new-line things. I don’t have any problem with Mao or Stalin or the Vietnamese leaders or certainly Fidel locking up people they see as dangerous. Because so often, dissidence has been used by the greater powers to undermine a people’s revolution. The CIA pays a thousand people and cuts them loose, and they will undermine any revolution in the name of freedom of speech.”

So it is safe to say Lynne is little more than a strange amalgam of a hypocrite, communist, and criminal, as well as a left-wing, hate-America lawyer. So who do you think helped her pay legal expenses to the tune of $20,000.00?

Convicted insider-trader George Soros! Not such a giant leap figuring that one out. George funds an endless list of lefty organizations worldwide.

Now comes New Hampshire and another beneficiary of George Soros's dirty, left wing, moonbat cash – Moveon.org/nuts.

Back in August, Moveon.nuts was paying for commercials smearing NH's own Charlie Bass in a black and white commercial sporting a “red right hand” which in moonbat terms is meant to signify criminality. They had to pull the cheap-shot ad.

Before that, Moveon.nuts activists/spoiled brats were seen barging into the Bass office, NH antique media dutifully in tow, asking the Congressman's staff to give back campaign money Bass received in some roundabout way from then Majority Leader Tom Delay. I just happened to be there, in fact, and watched this silly drama unfold.


Shouldn't Congressman Bass now ask Moveon.nuts to give convicted criminal George Soros's dirty money back? Fair is fair after all.

What about Paul Hodes, Congressman Bass's Democrat opponent. He must not be very happy to see Moveon.nuts spend all this out-of-state dirty money from a guy who supports lawyers who portray themselves as defending terrorists while in fact they use their positions as lawyers to help the terrorist anti-America cause.

Attorney Paul Hodes will probably come out soon and condemn Moveon.nuts and their dirty Soros money, otherwise it would look like Paul Hodes supports billionaire, out-of-state criminals from trying to alter our New Hampshire elections in favor of his campaign.