Something In The "Mail" For Democrats?

Election fraud. One of my favorite subjects.

No, not the boogie-man machine election fraud type or even the exit polling “fraud” that shows Democrats winning, when in reality it is just people lying to obnoxious pollsters like I do every time I get the chance. I am talking about the pervasive NH cross-border kind of election fraud we enjoy here every election cycle.

I have a house down the road from mine whose owner lives in Maryland. He is a liberal, quite liberal as a matter of fact because he proudly displayed his Dennis Kucinich bumper stickers the last time he was up for an election.

So the guy has a house in NH and Maryland and votes here, so what. Most Democrats are quite happy with out of state voters because it benefits them. That is why Governor Lynch vetoed voter ID, by far one of the most popular issues with most Americans. Lynch did this because he is sooooooooooo bi-partisan. (Laugh here.)

Here is the rub with my Maryland voter. He rents the house out. People rent the house from him. THEY live in it not the cross-border voter. Oh that “domicile” definition is tricky.

But then again, this is NH and we have entered the Blue State Era. It is all a matter of definition and who you are.

So Mr. Maryland doesn’t actually live in NH, at least he owns property in NH. And there it was, his named still onthe Deering voter list along with two non-resident lawyers from the DC area that vote absentee in my town.

I stopped getting annoyed with this election scheme after seeing the same type of non-resident voters pick an under-funded, moon-bat candidate in a low turnout primary for the First Congressional race. There’s a backfire for ya.

Then we have the innovative election fraud that comes in two other types: Signs and mail. I have been subjected to both.

Since NH does not prosecute voter fraud, I think we should come up with new definitions for election fraud as our courts did in “cherish” meaning “income tax” in the education funding scam.

How about this:

If your political signs have been stolen or vandalized that would be a “crime” under some kind of definition. But if Democrat activists or even the party chair were involved in stolen political signs and the police and AG’s office fail to prosecute, or even investigate, we could call them “Fitched”.

“Fitched”, what an appropriate name for a crime that gets re-defined.

Now for mail:

Remember Manchester city office candidate Joe Kelly Levasseur who had his political mail “get lost” in the Manchester Post Office until AFTER the election back in November 2005?

It seems Joe Kelly’s political mail slipped out of the bag it was in with the rest of the political mail delivered by the same advertising company. Then it crawled off to a corner and died only to re-awaken after the election as over. The P.O. actually paid him BACK.

What’s with that? There was a court case involved if memory serves me well. And it was NOT with our NH court system, as in, the court of  Chief Justice Broderick. This is a federal case.

How has this slipped by the Antique NH Media?

I hear something may crop up soon. Tic, tic, tic, tic.