Mail-Jamming Suit Hits The Courts


Every dog has his day they say. Love him or hate him you just can't hide Joe Kelly Levasseur's campaign mail in The Manchester Post office until after the election and get away with it - so it seems.

Maybe some judge can find a way to make this situation go away before it starts getting ugly (as in publicized). I hope not.

Recently, former candidate for various political offices in Manchester, Joe Kelly Levasseur, filed a case in Superior Court, in the same city, regarding his mail not being delivered on time last November when he as running for a city office. The US Post Office actually paid Joe back for his “lost” mail.

I have not seen the actual court filings yet but it looks like the bulk mail company which delivered Joe's political mail did so along with a total of 44,000 other pieces. But only Mr. Levasseur's mail “got lost” for a while.

Now I have worked in a facility that shipped US mail and I know that we did not leave piles of mail in closets, containers, or bathrooms when we left in the morning. In fact, we even climbed up conveyor belts, under the auto-belt delivery system and catch nets slung around machinery that caught stray pieces of mail. All the yellow tied-at-the-top mail bags were emptied. So how this happened is going to take some explaining. And a long, long, long, detail-oriented trial. I hope.

Point of note: The lawyer handling the case for Mr. Levasseure is Chuck Douglass, former State Supreme Court Justice, US Congressman, and all-round political fixture here in NH.

Enter a bit of history: Chuck Douglass had his mail “not show up on time” back in 1990 I believe it was (TJ can check that for me) when he ran for Congress. Wow what a coincidence!

I had my political mail tampered with by the Hillsboro post office in 1996. Why I do believe we all have enough in common here to hold a good old boy reunion at a pub every so often. But who else would come!!!!

Let's try some other groups who have complained to me about this “lost mail” scenario since the pattern showed up. Try right-to-life groups for instance. I have heard similar complaints from them as well. It could have been an unsophisticated attempt at bulk mail by the conservative groups that caused the delays in the past but you can bet that from now on we will all be paying close attention to every mail drop we do.

As a bonus in this lawsuit we have the resurgence of "his lowness", Geoff Wetrosky, the out-of-state Democrat campaign thug for hire who was caught stealing signs from candidates and the GOP. As Geoffy was careening towards Democrat Party Chair Cathy Sullivan's home/motel? that fateful night last November futilely attempting to shake the dauntless Republicans on his tail, he was desperately barking into his cell phone. (Or so I am told by one of the guys in the car.)

Just whom was Geoffy, the John Kerry paid for campaign thug, chatting it up with during his attempted escape from the scene of the crime? I would hope a nice long trial would include some discovery of his cell phone records. In any case, we know he landed at his “temporary domicile” 192 South Mammoth Rd., the home/motel? Of Dem Party Chair Cathy Sullivan with his stolen signs. That is where the Manchester cops caught him and let him go. 192 South Mammoth Rd. is same the address he used to steal a vote in the Manchester election several days later before he escaped back to South Dakota.

So what did the Dem. Party Chair know and when did she know it? What about Mayor Baines who Geoffy was working for? Or how about US Senator John Kerry who was footing the bill for Geoff Wetrosky the campaign thug for hire? What did they know about Wetrosky's past campaign problems in other states?

Boy this mail-jamming sure is complicated.