That Vision Thing

I was at the Coburn/Lynch debate the other night to help with signs and had to leave early to get to our NH Taxpayer Radio program (WLMW 90.7FM Thursday evenings 6-8 pm – no commercials) which was being manned ably by CNHT First Vice Chair, Howard Dilworth and Dan McGuire of the Republican Liberty Caucus. I got to our program about 15 minutes into it and did not see the debate until last night on C-SPAN.

No wonder the in-the-tank-for-Lynch papers were saying things like “No knock-out punch by either side.”

Lynch looked like scared little rabbit – Coburn like an adult. Coburn won.

The weirdest thing though was the eye blinking by Lynch. He was batting about three blinks per second. Try it yourself some time. Blink your eyes as fast as possible for a minute and see how strange that really is. Now think about Lynch doing it for the whole debate. Its a wonder he didn't fall off the stage.

Calm down Gov.! You got pitched soft balls for goodness sake. Spradling even popped the old popularity theme into at least one question for ya.

Maybe it dawned on Lynch that night how, if he wins a second term, his own tax and spend liberals are going for his throat if he doesn't support an income and sales tax. I was at a forum in Portsmouth back when Gov. Shaheen was set upon by about four hundred angry liberals. It wasn't pretty. The only people I saw in the place from my side of the political isle were having a grand old time watching Shaheen get spanked by the Volvo crowd.

Lynch is at his highest point in his political career so far. My advice: stop the blinking and enjoy it while it lasts.