A Plug For My Candidate

Just wanted to let everyone know that Democrat Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana has, according to a recent Loyola University New Orleans poll, a five point lead in his quest for re-election!!!

This is fabulous news for Democrats in their national campaign to Clean Up Congress and Vote For ChangeEvery seat counts and our good friend Rep. Jefferson is not about to let taking $90,000.00 in marked bills from the FBI in a bribery sting let him stop representing the good Democrats in his district. No sir! Tapes or no tapes he is progressively “moving forward together” with all the Democrats.

As I sit and watch Republican pundits try to justify why they should be allowed to retain control of Congress I always tun to our good old Democrat friend Rep. William Jefferson. Just because Republican spokesmen are afraid to mention how steadfast Rep. Jefferson is in his desire to work with other Democrats to “fix” our country, it doesn't mean I can't bring it up.

I for one am proud of him! So he is on tape taking a bribe. At least he GOT something out of the deal. Republican Congressman Foley chickened out and quit over a sex scandal where he didn't even have sex! Bill Clinton wouldn't stand for that and neither would Gerry Studds or Barney Frank. Sure, Senator Torricelli did take a powder for getting a few goodies like jewelry and such, we can't all be perfect.

So run Representative Jefferson run!

And this November 7, I call on all voters to join with Democrats and - Vote For Change – or I mean, More Of The Same. Or wait, no change. I'm so confused.