Hey! I Can't See Your House From Here.

As could be expected.

Our favorite “public policy” (read government) organization, The New Hampshire Municipal Association, aka, The Local Government Center since they were swallowed up by the school industry lobby, has come out AGAINST a constitutional amendment to protect private property.

The NHMA lawyer/political activist in this case, Cordell Johnson, is dismissing the seriousness of what happened to private property in Connecticut recently with the decision there that a sub-committee of the city government could draft a plan to take people's valuable waterfront property by eminent domain. The purpose of this taking was part of a scheme to generate more tax cash for their own general fund. In the process, the eminent domain taking kept the local homeowners from receiving fair market value for their property IF THEY WANTED TO SELL IT AT ALL!

It is OK for rich people to make an obscene profit says New Haven Ct. - if you are a pharmaceutical company or developer. But God forbid you are the last holdout in a multi-million dollar project. We will just TAKE your property - toss you a bone – and a developer your property – cheap.

Welcome to NH where the NH State Supreme Court rules that “cherish” means INCOME TAX and there is no longer a balance of power, just a dictate from the court.

Couldn't happen here says NHMA's Cordell Johnson.

Already has fella! Our courts rule on redistricting, education funding, and ballot position of candidates without a whisper of a constitutional right.

That's of course when they aren't cutting deals on who will hear one of their own member's divorce appeal, or sitting in on cases they should recuse themselves from, or using court letterhead to send a letter to a neighbor in Maine over a property line dispute. Sound familiar?

No, our State Supreme Court would never think to re-interpret our NH Constitution to take private property.

So why is NHMA even worried about this? Why bother opposing a do-nothing amendment?

Is it because NHMA is a PRO-GOVERNMENT lobbying group?

Or is it because they don't want the taxpaying peasants to get used to taking things into their own hands with the amendment process?

Voters in NH CHERISH their property rights that is why they will vote YES on Question One on November 7.

Which reminds me: You know how liberals say, “Yes we want tax cuts but how will we PAY for them?”

The NH State Supreme Court says: “Yes we want tax cuts but how will we “CHERISH” them”.

It all makes sense now.