Comparing Adam's Apples To Adam's Apples


Lucky for me I was in Israel from Saturday through Tuesday and missed most of the exploding, hyper-October Surprise news about former Congressman Foley of Florida.

I was content to watch foreign news sources who were doing stories about the possibility of civil war between terrorist factions in Palestinian controlled areas, soccer cheating, elections of various European candidates for office who when elected did not have enough seats to form a majority in their respective countries, and a random murder here or there in England. Then along comes Congressman Foley.

CNN made a bold move and switched its format from endlessly reviewing Bob Woodward's new book – you know the pattern, have individuals come in and on camera try uselessly to deny whatever Woodward said they said at some meeting Woodward was not at, was true. Many of the victims of this type of journalism just plod right into the CNN studio or some satellite location only to be brow-beaten and made to look like liars – that is how desperate they are for attention. How sad and predictable.

Back to former Congressman Foley and former Congressman Jerry Studds. You knew this was coming, right?

How the liberals love to finger-wag at a hypocrite like Foley. But it was just back in 1983 that Democrat Jerry Studds liquored up a minor congressional page of his own gender and flew the lad off to Portugal for some personal pleasure. Phone sex wasn't enough for Studds, this was “male-to-minor male”, not email as in Foley's case.

And when caught, Studds was defiantly not apologetic as any liberal from a gerry-mandered state should be and turned his back on Congress as they reluctantly censured him. No indictment or prosecution for transporting a minor across state lines or even international lines for sex.

Liberals are all about power. Studds understood that. He had it over the boy and in Congress. He knew how to use it and was respected by liberals for it. Still is. So he served in Congress until he felt like leaving. That is the political edge Democrats have in any situation like this.

I am interested in, and hoping for, two things about the Foley “October Surprise”.

The first is: How long do the Democrats think this scandal can last? I don't know if this story can have four more weeks of momentum but I certainly hope they stick with it full tilt.

Already, the “independent” sources of the Foley phone sex scandal seem to smell themselves.

The web outfit “CREW” which has been hawking the Foley emails is reported to be funded by convicted criminal George Soros. CREW's members are old liberal Democrat activists who by liberal standards wouldn't care about this same page, or any other, had they drowned in the back seat of Ted Kennedy's car.

If a sex scandal where no physical sex took place means more to Democrats four weeks out of an election than the economy, gas prices, immigration, terrorism, or even taxes, I can't blame them. Carry on!

Second: Let's face it. The day after this election begins the all-consuming drive for the White House by “Her Highness Hillary.” So why not ask the good Senator right now what she thinks about elected officials having phone sex with pages.

When it comes to the knowledge and experience necessary to be become President, Hillary would be an expert in this matter.