Shea-Porter Throws A Wild "Left" Hook

The liberal Democrat taking on Congressman Jeb Bradley has thrown down the gauntlet. Here is the bold, incisive, predictable, liberal, challenge – minus the usual demand he resign.

"Jeb Bradley has been too quiet and too tolerant about the many ethical

lapses in this Congress. Americans are sick of this silence and lack of

leadership. Jeb should tear these checks into little pieces and send them

back." (Wow, right out of  the Moveon.nuts campaign handbook...?)

The UNH students pick for the First Congressional District, Carol Shea-Porter, is “taking on” Jeb Bradley the only way she knows how – at the top of her lungs, which by the way seem to be devoid of any contact with her brain. She has dived into national issues unfolding on the nightly news in exchange for a little klieg lighting by asking the NH Congressman to return Republican PAC money she thinks is tied to former (thankfully) Congressman Foley.

How about Democrat Congressman William Jefferson and the $100,000.00 in marked bills he took from an FBI informant as a bribe? Or the money he had stashed in his house during Katrina when he had the National Guard escort him to and from his home by truck and helicopter? I didn't see that on the short list of ethical lapses in Congress.


It would be nice to see some of that much ballyhooed “courage” Shea-Porter is supposed to have? (Or would she be just spanking proud to serve on the Ways and Means Committee with the good honest Democrat Congressman from Louisiana?)

Ooops! Can't be that "honest." Then any DC campaign cash would certainly be out of reach. But it would show guts and some small measure of......... honesty.

If Shea-Porter wants to talk unfolding current events, how about the shootings in the Amish school in Pa.? (I'm sure she can tie this to Jeb somehow.)

Wouldn't this call for some gun control legislation?

Let's be honest. As a liberal Democrat do you not think Shea Porter would back some good old-fashioned registering of handguns or an outright ban?

You know she would!

She just isn't honest enough to say it out loud – even though that is supposed to be her specialty.

Honesty. Yea, right.