Not Ready For Prime Time Governor

I have been reading the news in various papers around the state about the debate between Democrat Governor Lynch and Republican candidate Jim Coburn and I am surprised by what I do NOT see.

No sentence like: “The Governor showed why his approval ratings are so high.” or “Governor breezes through debate.”

All I read was some brief snippets about the “sparring” between the two during the debate.

No one mentioned that our governor does not know the difference between an EQUITY education funding lawsuit and an ADEQUACY funding lawsuit. No wonder Lynch has proposed TARGETED AID, which this State Supreme Court has unconstitutionally ruled unconstitutional so an income tax will be the only funding source with which to raise the billions of dollars sought by them in this funding scam.

Talk-show host Gardner Goldsmith of WNTK in New London has been playing clips from the debate exposing the Governor's lack of understanding of the Claremont funding suit.

Most of us know Lynch did not solve any three hundred million dollar deficit because there was a surplus left to him by former Governor Benson. And we know he is a knee-jerk taxer as well. He showed us that with his cigarette tax. But not understanding the Claremont case? Wow! Where are his handlers?

In any case, it is apparent by the smiles on the faces of the Coburn supporters we had on our CNHT radio program that night, who were at the Manchester debate, and by the lack of the Lynch news media calling a winner as they surely would have had their guy held up the the hype, who won this first round.

Coburn should drag Lynch before some cameras as fast and as often as possible in the next four weeks and show the public who “Mr. Popularity” really is.

Congratulations Jim Coburn! Nice win.