Guess Who'll Be Playing Ketchup For the Next Seven Days


Good for US Senator John Kerry to tell it like it is.

He was at a college talking about education and told the assembled students that if you don't go to school and work hard you would wind up “stuck in Iraq”.

History proves him right. Lets use the good Senator as an example. He and George Bush both went to Yale and George Bush got the better grades. So off to Viet Nam with Kerry and you know the rest of the story where George Bush became President and spanked John Kerry in a landslide win on 04. That was the election that was all about Iraq. No wonder Senator Kerry feels that only stupid people get sent into combat. (Just kidding.)

Actually, Senator Kerry is just spouting off again and revealing his penchant for letting his real feelings shine through. He has a long history of disrespecting US troops in the field. In fact, he has built his political career on it. With the War on Terrorism including a “quagmire” in Iraq, a medical condition known as “Post Demagogue Stress Syndrome” has taken hold of the former professional protester and social climber.

You have to admire several things about this Democrat “October Surprise”.

Senator Kerry's timing is about as perfect as you can get - election wise, for Republicans. Now they can all remember why just two years ago they voted against this character in record numbers.

And another reason to love Senator “Irish-French” John Kerry is his tunnel Brahman vision.

You see, Senator Kerry is a MASSACHUSETTS Senator who serves with the likes of Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank. He campaigns like a Massachusetts politician and forgets that there is a lot of territory between Boston and Hollywood real people actually live in.

Many people who live in America (one of the many countries where US Senator Kerry has a mansion) have relatives who volunteered for military service and are in combat right now. Too many, as is always the case, have spouses or a parent who have lost their lives defending out country. And even though Senator Kerry thinks these commoners who get stuck in the military are not the best and brightest like himself and his trust fund friends, they are certainly smart enough to know when they have been disrespected. Again.

So don't apologize Senator Kerry. Keep acting like you are running for re-election in your jerry-mandered home state where this plays well. Don't back down from your ever evolving description of what you would like people to think you meant when you let the real John Kerry slip out. Again.

And PLEASE come back to New Hampshire soon and campaign for your two rubber stamp candidates Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter.