Big Voter Thumb In The Eye Of Our Activist Court

As I sat watching the absentee ballots being stacked up on a table in Ward 3 in Manchester Tuesday it was apparent that Questions One, protecting property rights, and Two, restoring small town representation in the Legislature, would win - overwhelmingly.

So the same voters who think tax and spend liberals are the answer to NH's problems are still alert enough to NOT trust the NH State Supreme Court?

I guess they have learned and are learning a few things about our power-hungry court:

a. Don't trust them with your property, ever!

b. Our small towns deserve representation in Concord.

c. Claremont is a black hole of spending and court dictates for decades.

d. NH judges who will try to fix a divorce case for one of their own can not be trusted. (still applies)

The passage by overwhelming numbers of Questions One and Two is excellent news for taxpayers. Nothing like New Hampshire voters getting used to voting YES on Constitutional Amendments to clean up and end the Claremont scam!

Congratulations to Chuck Douglass for his work on One and good luck with the pending Democrat mail-jamming case.

And a big thanks the NH Farm Bureau for all the work on Question Two.

You won't see much about these two Constitutional Amendments in the antique NH Media but they are good for New Hampshire.


There is an old saying: Judges count ballots too.

(Better put some ice on that boys!)