“Strangers On The Right.... Exchanging Glances”

Not really, but as a song title it would be amusing.

I went to the first big Center-Right meeting last Tuesday at the Holiday Inn in Concord – no press, thank you. It was attended by about 40 activists hailing from a broad range of political philosophies – no Republican Party officials, thank you.

You had your former Buchanan Brigade, pro-lifers, Porcupines, Libertarians, second amendment, anti-tax/small government, pro-family, newly elected conservative state representative, talk radio, computer-savvy newcomer types, and more, all in one room. The largest gathering I have seen in some time.

With a twist.

Gone are the arguments about if we should or should not be representing any specific issue.

The having to defend your issues to the others there was not a factor either.

This was different. I took away the sense that we all had a similar mission in mind and knew we all would be working together on what we all have in common rather than trying to push a single message.

What is refreshing was to be in a room where, unlike the progressives and lefties, we can all say out loud what we stand for and want for New Hampshire, not just chant “change”.

A lot of the faces were people from past campaigns, seasoned veterans who have worked for candidates and issues all over New Hampshire. Many of the new attendees are focused on preserving the New Hampshire they grew up in or moved to and now call home.

Several more such meetings will be happening across the state in the upcoming weeks. I will be interested in seeing how the center-right community progresses now without some of the baggage our side has had to carry in the past, not to mention getting to play offense for a change.