He's Daft

Finally, “Change”.

I see NY Rep. Charlie Rangel has his finger on the pulse of America with his call for the reinstatement of the military draft. Nice to know senior Democrats have a plan for after their upcoming surrender/redeployment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rangel's plan is to have a draft like in the glory days of Viet Nam where we also fought a war with no intentions of winning. Rangel loves the draft idea so much he is banking on the hope that with a draft no president will ever send troops overseas again.

The US, having a recent history of sending troops overseas only to leave them become targets in a military and political struggle should have seen Rangel's goals accomplished by now but he is making sure of it with his renewed draft proposal. Its a good, solid, liberal idea.

Since November 7, I have been waiting for the campaign slogan “change” to be defined. So far, we had the new Democrat speaker try and shove one of the most corrupt Congressman into the House Majority seat, bribe soliciting, Rep Murtha. (Who may have gotten a vote from one of our new shinings congessional stars, she won't say)

2006: Democrats bring the  draft, ABSCAM, and Viet Nam back to haunt us.

Now THAT is change.