You Can't Tax There From Here

One Man's View Is Another Man's Ethnic Cleansing

I have my copy of the New Boston Bulletin for November, 2006. Let us review the three pages that have real estate for sale.

New Boston Bulletin, page #5, The Masiello Group. They have seven photo-featured properties. Only one selling for a mere $379,900 features “views and wonderful living space”.

Just below the photo of that place is a cape selling for only $249,900. This well maintained cape has a, “quiet maintained private beach and surrounded by state conservation land”.

Two of the other seven featured homes mention great commuting location.

New Boston Bulletin, page #3, Heidi Plamer Real Estate. They have seven photo-featured homes as well. Of the seven homes only one has “fabulous views of Joe English”.

One offers the standard “easy commute” selling point while another offers “abuts 100 acre town forest”.

New Boston Bulletin, page 45, Farms and Barns Realtors. There are three photo-featured properties in their ad. Only one mentions – you guessed it, “you and your horses will love the view!”.

Two of the three mention location. The last mentions: “The property is surrounded by approximately 2000 acres of conservation land.”

There are all kinds of things people look for and pay for when purchasing real estate. It looks as thought Avitar and the Assessing Standards Board forgot to separate out “BORDERS ON CONSERVATION LAND” when they came up with their crazy formulas for ASSESSING a VIEW TAX.



Now I am not the smartest card in the deck but I was dumb enough to get elected selectman a few years back, which is the same thing as assessor if you do your job properly, and I am sure I could come up with some values for the various new ASSESSMENTS I have discovered.

And they would make as much sense as the VIEW TAX does now.

I am taking suggestions as well!

How about this one: Potential for Horses Assessment.

Or: Plenty of Volvo Parking/Moonbat Contra Dancing Assessment.

This just in: Overpaid, Con-Artist Assessors House Assessment! There's a winner.

Lets call the View Tax, as levied now, what it is. It is a way for municipalities to “move along” some of the locals for more affluent types who will bring a more “progressive and aggressive” style to our historic town meeting way of life.

Vermont went that route. So did Massachusetts. Lets not have it happen here.