Generous Judge Mangones?

In the never ending phone jamming case brought against the Republican Party by John “chins” Distatso (d) Union Leader, comes this daily “news” story.

The Democrats, known for sign stealing and encouraging non-resident voters to come to NH and support their left-wing string of moonbat candidates have been glowing in victim-hood for several years over a case of hang-up calls made against them on election day by Republican contractors back in 2002 in Manchester.

Dems spent about $4,000 on this get-out-the vote effort run out of their main Manchester offices and their companion office of the non-profit Manchester Firefighters Assoc. It. is not generally known how much the Firefighters donated in making calls for the Dems. I will have to check the records of the case. Chins Distatso hasn't reported much about that angle. He has been busy focusing on how this goes right to the White House and George Bush, Karl Rove, Halliburton, and the Romulans.

In any case, back to Judge Mangones - and me. This is my blog after all. I have venting privileges.

Last year I took my town to court under 91-A, the Right to Know law, for a copy of Avitar's legally mandated “assessing manual” so I could see how they came up with the 2004 Deering complete re-val. I had been asking for the manual in written format on florescent orange card stock, no less, for four months.

I filed a case for the $145 bucks and life's lottery gave me Judge Mangones. He set a date for a hearing on the matter for the day after Columbus Day 2005.

On Columbus Day the Town of Deering opened up Town Hall and made me a copy of the manual, View Tax Assessments Manual and all. So I filed a Motion to Withdraw with Hills. North. I asked for my filing fee back.

Judge Mangones denied my motion and we had a hearing anyway. The town sent their cracker-jack attorney Matt Upton who told the court the manual I was asking for had not been assembled so they could not give it to me. I then produced a letter from the DRA from several months before the hearing where Deering stated the manual was complete.

Next the Town attorney tried to explain to Judge Mangones that I had personal problems with Deering so I jumped into the testimony and stated that just because the Deering selectmen and road agent got arrested for denying me documents in the past, that was not necessarily a personal problem. Mangone told us both to be quiet.

He ruled that the Town had given me what I wanted so the case was over, bla, bla, bla.

But I did NOT get my court costs! No court costs for having to go to Superior Court to get documents that are to be, by law, available to the public in a ring binder for multiple use. (Avitar did not, as required in a legal re-val, supply market data and a statistical analysis in their “manual” so that is why I had so much trouble getting it. Another story.)

I like to call it the “Right to Know Tax” when a town or school makes you go to Superior Court to get public documents.

So it will be interesting to see how Judge Mangones handles this Democrat request for some $4 million in imaginary damages in the phone jamming saga Chins Distatso had built his career on.

Will the Manchester Fireman's Association get their money back for making get-out-the-vote phone calls from their non-profit offices with the list of “Democrat voters” they use?

How generous to the Democrats will Judge Mangones be when a taxpayer can not get court costs in a case that should have never been necessary nor have taken up court time for a hearing?