Love Those Hate Crimes

If a hate crime is a crime, what is a hateful crime of committing a hate crime?

Will some liberal out there please explain this to me.

An out-of-state college student, Breanne Coventry Snell, of Midlothian, Va. A “student”at The University of New Hampshire been charged with three misdemeanors for falsely reporting an "anti-Semitic attack" on her person this October by several men one of which is on the UNH football team.

I don't like “hate crimes” because they are pretty much political crimes that hatch inside the head of the individual who is alleged to have committed them, which means you can not prove “intent” very easily. If an actual crime was committed, that is easily seen and should have evidence to back it up.

Then, all of a sudden, along comes Breanne Coventry Snell, looking for either a little pay-back against someone or cheap press in reporting the fake assault against her - a provable hate crime.

So we know she knows what a hate crime is, for one, if she made the story up.

UNH student Breanne Coventry Snell allegedly took an action she knew to be illegal and which she knew would cause harm to her “targets” by causing them to be charged with assault AND a hate crime. So it stands to reason she must be a “hater” to do something calculated, hateful, and sinister as this.

Has Breanne created a “Hateful Hate Crime” or a “Hate Crime Squared”?

Could Breanne Coventry Snell have broken new ground and become a “Habitual Hateful Hate Crime Offender”?

Apparently, Breanne, a professional college student, has a history of doing this in other schools such as U. Maine and Virginia Commonwealth University. Nice.

The sentence for her serial hateful hate crime offense should be the maximum of what she accused the poor students of doing – times two.