I Hate To Make Fun But........

How long will it be before dolphins are walking around New Hampshire on their newfangled and newly “re-evolved” legs/fins?

Inquiring minds want to know.

When they hit the beaches will we have a NH Fish and Game season and bag limits on them come hunting season?

Are they fish or game?

Do they taste like chicken or Chicken of the Sea?

This week, “scientists” captured a bottle-nosed dolphin that has an extra set of fins that “scientists” think are remnants of legs they had 50 million years ago when they were “dogs”.

This gets better – and even more politically correct!

Now “scientists” surmise the extra fins/legs are showing up because of POLLUTION in the sea – caused by man. Dolphins must read Drudge as well.

Just a few days ago a group of “scientists” released a stunning finding that in 50 years the sea would be devoid of life – because of pollution by man.

So naturally, the dolphins reading this immediately started the long struggle (read evolution) to grow legs and walk on land again. This took less than a week!

Maybe “the science of evolution” has "evolved". Or have federal research grants become just too hard to acquire without a Chicken Little – Chicken of the Sea scenario?

Could it be a new form of evolution that has “evolved” animals devolving back into what they were before they evolved in the first place. Will the dolphins still “eco-barkate” when the devolve back into dogs?

Only “science” will tell.