Election Day Wrap-up

I spent a long day at Ward #3 in Manchester on November 8. I was asked to be a Republican challenger and accepted, as I do not often get a look at city politics up close.

We had a list of 695 pieces of returned mail a candidate sent to people on the Ward #3 voter checklist. That amounts to 21% or so of the whole list which is an opportunity for almost anyone to walk in and say they are a person on that list they know will not come vote.

There were several interesting events I guess I can write about.

Several people came in and gave their name to vote to one of the ballot clerks in front of us challengers. We would ask to see their I.D. if they showed up on the returned mail list. Several had no I.D to show us, several said they moved, some had changed addresses and promptly showed I.D.

What gets touchy is when a person is in some sort of temporary housing and has assistance from the city etc. It takes a little figuring out by the addresses but you certainly don't want to make a scene out of asking for I.D. once you understand how that works.

My favorite was a young fella who did not have a license to show me when I challenged his domicile. I told him I found him on the returned mail list and asked if he had moved etc.

The answer:

“My drivers license has a Massachusetts address on it”.

So when you think about it, what he was trying to not say was: “I have a Massachusetts drivers license”.

It was his second time voting this year, as he had already voted in the Sept. primary. It appears he was an out-of state campaigner for one of the candidates. He was allowed to vote and I will certainly be tracking his career in politics. As well as adding the young campaigner to my extensive NH Voter Fraud display.

You haven't seen my Voter Fraud Display? Oh it is quite a collection of stuff. It takes about an hour and a half to go through and people who see it are usually quite energized about the voting system here in NH.

When you think about how many close elections we have in NH and what it takes to run for office it would be nice to know that the people who vote in your ward – live in your ward, or even state, but this is NH after all and we have one of the most sloppy election systems in the country.

All day long voters got out forms of I.D they did not need to show as they walked up to vote. One woman was stunned that no I.D was required. She said that it looked like anyone could walk up and claim they were her. She gets it! Lynch does as well. That is why in his first term as Gov. he vetoed Voter I.D., the single thing he has actually done in two years.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Jerry Thibodeau, a young get-out-the vote activist from the Democrat side. Jim Wieczorek was there all day, Greg Saltz came late and took over for me so I could go home and feed “wonder dog.” The lovely Tracey Buckley was the Moderator and she had a very competent team.

At the end of the day a young guy was walking towards us with a reporters pad. I spotted him first and told Jerry and Greg to not talk to him (but they did) because talking to the “press” is never good for conservatives.

They asked him if he was a reporter and he said no, that he just worked for the Union Leader once in a while. Typical.

So just as Jerry and Greg were talking to Mr. Cub Reporter a guy walks up to vote who was on the returned mail list. I challenged him, and it turns out, he was from another ward. This went on as Mr. Cub Reporter was getting Greg and Jerry to repeat some comments they made for his supposed “non-reporter” story. Typical. The whole purpose for us being there unfolds in front of the “reporter” and he missed it.