Bless This Mess

Hillsboro “PRIDE” Has No Shame

Some poor people who only read headlines of newspapers and think they are thereby “educated” often get in trouble with events like the one which has soiled the community of Hillsboro NH.

The Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce sponsored, along with a non-profit downtown revitalization committee, rudely named, “Hillsboro PRIDE”, a holiday tea meant to kick off the shopping season.

Along comes a local pastor who wanted to read a verse from the Bible as a part of the event and the organizers called the whole thing off rather than suffer listening to a quote from the Bible. You can't make this stuff up.

I would ask this:

Are the members of Hillsboro PRIDE so offended by the story of Christmas that they must shield their ears from the dangerous words of the local pastor? Is what the pastor intended to say violent, deceptive, insensitive, cruel or misleading?

Are the local “community spirited” members of both organizations so shallow that they can not bear to hear what may be the reason for celebrating the season.

I know some of them go to church in Hillsboro. And I know that some of the churches in Hillsboro are very active politically. But still they attend.

Or is it their foolish sense of political correctness that gives certain people of tiny moral and intellectual stature power over others that leads to the decision to stifle a simple Bible reading at a Christmas event - of all things.

I go to weddings, funerals, church events, pro-life meetings, and all sorts of places where people of different religions mingle. I find it fascinating how much different religions have in common.

But they all have human nature to deal with as well. And the politics of political correctness and ego do come into play with many events such as this one in Hillsboro.

How long will it take for the Hillsboro Chamber and Pride members on the outside of Christmas looking in to realize they have made a huge blunder, I don't know.

But the next time the trundle off to church, or offer up their services to the community they ought to think beyond what they thought might look good in the local papers.