A Proud Progressive Tradition

Of all the Democrat victories this year this one has to be the sweetest!

Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana won 57% of the vote in his runoff election yesterday.

Having been caught red-handed (remember the Charlie Bass ads?) $90,000.00 in marked bills taken from an FBI informant made absolutely no impact on this election other than some foolishly ambitious Democrats dreaming they could capitalize on his criminal problems and beat him in a primary.

Not so, and this outcome was never in question. Democrats will vote for a guy who drowns a call girl and goes to a lawn party afterwards.

Democrats send elected officials to Washington to bring home the bacon and the little peccadilloes they may have such as killing someone, stealing, bribe taking, belonging to the KKK, taking sexual advantage of pages of either gender really do not come into play.

The mission is the master.

In fact, some candidates are even more desirable because they had the testosterone to have underlings steal FBI files on their opponents – and friends. You can not argue with success.

Now when our new Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter-Swett goes back down to Louisiana to “help” flood victims she will have a person who is immune from any type of public criticism or rebuke to work with.

Shea-Porter-Swett has shown a willingness to work with like-minded Democrats, such as “Payback” Jack Murtha, returning a favor he did for her campaigning here in Blue NH.

Because progressives “feel” what they are doing is right, progressive voters give them a pass.

You have to admire that dedication to their cause.

Now if they only had the guts to admit what it is they are planning to do.

As far as progressives are concerned, THAT would be a crime.