When Is Hillary Coming To NH?

Glass to the wall, ear to the glass, the Clintons were very interested in Princess Diana back in 1997 – enough to have her phone conversations bugged by US Intelligence.

Details on the warrant-less phone tapping are sketchy and will come out in drips and drabs as usual with the Clinton crowd. But this story is finally hitting some news services.

The excuse for the wiretapping by the Clintons is based on the administration's interest in billionaire Teddy Forstmann of New York. It wasn't for national security or some other flimsy reason.

Why would “Americas Power Couple” be interested in Princess Diana's phone calls?

My obvious conclusion would naturally be Mr. Clinton wanted to be able to listen in on the most desirable, single, not that it mattered, woman's intimate conversations with one of her reported love interests, Teddy Forstmann.

But the most important reason the illegal wiretapping may have occured could turn out to be Mrs. Clinton's concern that Teddy Forstmann, a Republican, was reportedly interested in a certain NY Senate seat.

Mr. Forstman, a billionaire at the time, regularly wound up on the Richest Men in America list. He has an unmatched record for giving poor kids grants for a college education. And he has donated tons of money to various charities.

That was until he was sued by the State of Connecticut's AG for losing billions in investments from that state's retirement pensions, and unprecedented legal move by the elected Democrat AG of Ct.

Forstmann was sued by Ct. in 2000 along with six of his other partners. Except one who bailed in 1999.

Erskine Bowels, a former Clintonista, managed to escape that fate, although he was an active partner in the company.  Bowels moved on to run for the US Senate in South Carolina.

I wonder if Hillary keeps the tapes of Diana with the 900 FBI files she had a campaign thug steal for her?

You have to love the Democrats number one candidate for President.


When will we be graced with her presence?