The View Tax: A Conflict Of Visions

I sat through most of the Assessing Standards Board's Meeting in Concord yesterday and watched them melt down. Except for Tom Thomson.

It was like a gift from above for an anti-tax advocate.

The ASB, under the leadership of Rep. Betsy Patten, voted that there is no such thing as a separate view tax. I beg to differ.

In my town, Deering, there are 17 “View Factors” listed in the Assessing Manual created by Avitar. This separate assessment tool means you can be assessed for any one of the 17 different types of views.

The “View Factors” are not bananas or penguins. They are views. You are assessed for a view if they choose to include your property as a view property, which is highly subjective.

When that View Assessment lands on your property assessment card AS A SEPERATE ITEM, the town multiplies it and all the other assessment figures on your card times the tax rate and that is your tax.

You you have a view tax. There is no way around that fact.

There is NOT a “Borders on Conservation Land Assessment” as of now because it would not be politically correct. But if the ASB and state assessors were honest there would be one. It would be aptly referred to as the “Borders on Conservation Land Tax” and all hell would break out.

Right now, the View Tax is hitting property owners hard in the North Country because there is no way to object to a View Assessment because the assessment process is a fraud.

Back to Deering.

Deering has 17 different types of “Views” as shown in the Assessing manual. But only 8 photos of what those views look like are provided.

I can appeal an assessment of my home if it is listed a split level if it is really a log cabin. But I can not appeal the assessment of my view because there is no way to figure out what type I have.

The 17 view factors in Deering of which I can only see 8 were created using 4 real sales.

This was all updated this year using 2 sales because the assessment of Deering was farther off in subsequent sales compared to the assessed values than when we were first ordered by the State re-assess in 2004. We paid $84,000 for a bad assessment.

In the mean time, everyone with a view pays a view tax.

And THAT makes Rep. Betsy Patten happy.

Happy as well are the pro-income tax spenders who want turmoil to give birth to a broad based tax movement.

This is slash and burn political activism. Which is the only way income taxers can get the prize they have pledged to shove down our throats.

Voters in NH will catch on though because they have seen crisis after crisis be the excuse of the day for bigger government.

Remember Governor Shaheen who had a budget crisis so enormous only her proposed sales tax would cure it.

Where is she anyway?