Chump Change

Dems Settle For Pocket Change, Why?

The phone-jamming case is settled? What no Karl Rove indictment? No impeachment of President Bush?

So after milking this fishing expedition dry with one-sided prosecutions from liberal judges and far-fetched accusations for four years, this is what we are left with, a lousy $125,000 settlement and convictions on interstate phone harassment charges?

The Dems can get $125,000 from Teresa Kerry in one lump sum for a chicken dinner. So what we really have is an organized effort by the members of the NH media to promote a story friendly to Democrats.

They should get credit where credit is due.

Now the darling of national news media, ABC News calls him, “The Union Leader's indefatigable John DiStaso”.

Here is how the Washington Post Blog refers to him:

“DiStaso is flattered by talk of his influence in the presidential process but is matter-of-fact about his role. "I realize that if I were anywhere else I wouldn't be in your blog, I wouldn't be in ABC's "The Note" or The Hotline [subscription required]," DiStaso told The Fix in an interview last week. "I don't look at myself as anything more than a political reporter from a mid-size newspaper in New Hampshire, which happens to have the first primary."

But at the bottom of one AP story about the phone-jamming was this throw-away line


“The calls tied up phone lines for more than an hour as Democrats and the nonpartisan Manchester firefighters’ union were offering rides to the polls”.

Offering rides to the polls? How about calling Democrat voters with a list given to them by the Democrats? That was part of the depositions in the phone-jamming investigation from what I hear.

Is this why it is reported the the Manchester Firefighters are getting a cut of the Republican settlement money?

Maybe Chins DiStaso will pick up on that.

Or maybe he is a little more than, “a political reporter from a mid-size newspaper in New Hampshire.”