Democrats United For NH


“New” Group Pledges to Pass Income Tax

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition has pledged to ram an income tax down the throats of New Hampshire taxpayers any way they can.. They have surveyed the political landscape and see they have enough Democrat votes now. (See it wasn't about Iraq, was it.)

Let's break it down.

All the GSFTC members and affiliated religious tax exempts and non-profit issue advocate groups now pledged to pass and income tax are liberals from either way back or way left.

Liberals understand the word “FAIR” to mean “MORE” regarding this issue. It is that simple.

A simple test of the simple-minded goes like this:

Ask your moonbat income tax pledger if he, or she, or person in transition, would support a completely “FAIR” tax.

They will nod their head yes and they will smile.

Then say, “I have one but it brings in a little less money.”

They will then say, “That's not “FAIR”.

So “FAIR” means “MORE”.


Try it.