All The News That Gives Me Fits To Print

Now that the election is over and Governor Lynch is dividing up the spoils of his “bipartisan“ campaign, voters can settle in and enjoy watching the master at work.

“Objective” reporter Colin Manning, (d) Foster's Daily Democrat, will take a job with the Lynch administration and get a check directly from Lynch from now on instead of the curious route through the Fosters newspaper. That's nice.

So I was thinking. Why not go “all the way”.

How about Kevin Landrigan, (d) Nashua Telegraph, for Attorney General? Kevin doesn't like to report voter fraud. He would be a perfect fit. I remember a joint committee hearing on voter fraud back in 2000 or so when supervisors of the checklists in Hudson and Durham were begging for help from the committee about having to register out of state students. Kevin's headline: “Little Evidence of Voter Fraud Shown..”

Lynch could hire John DiStaso, (d) Union Leader to be his campaign manager. Not much of a leap there.

How about Josh Rogers, (d) NHPR for Insurance Commissioner. He could use his mommy's old briefcase from when she had that job. Then he could explain why there were so few contracts put out to bid when mom was running the place. The timing would be perfect since the State just audited the Insurance Commission. All Josh's answers would be fresh in him mom's mind.

But who would be left to “report” the news?

Norma Love, (d) AP Wire service, could do it. Naaa. Boring! She lost her zing after Governor Benson caught her trying to sell a $200,000.00 toilet story to the public. Norma thought she had a hot story about Gov. Benson putting a hopper in his office bathroom but was off by several decimal points. The commode was about $200 bucks and Benson paid for it himself.

But we do have a rumor about Gov. Lynch planning on bringing Charles O'Leary back to the Department of Transportation once he squeezes the current commissioner out.

I go way back with this guy.

Back in 1991 I caught our Deering Selectmen in a bid rigging deal over a bridge here in town. Part of the scam was an engineer in the Dept. of Trans. using the State auto-cad system to design what turned out to be a failed bridge that no one would then take the “credit” for.

I still have all the stuff from that adventure, like the bridge design calculations on NHDOT graph paper. Plus the bridge still sags in the middle and is still backfilled with sand.

If Gov. Lynch appoints O'Leary maybe I'll drag the story back across my “news” outlets again. Glad I saved it.