A Media Mugging : You Want Insider News – You Got It.

First it was the Pine Tree Riot of 1777 in Weare NH when 20 local men assaulted the King's representatives over logging rights. Then two years ago the Weare voters dumped an out-of-control Police chief with a type of simple citizens petitioned warrant article not used in 100 years.

Welcome to 2006 and the attempted taking of Supreme Court Justice David Souter's ramshackle Weare residence in response to his part in the Kelo Decision. It has another local “I'm not taking it any longer” homespun air about it. I love it. So does a publicity minded opportunist from California who has glommed onto the issue with the promise of staying calm and collected while letting the local organization, ‘Citizens For the Protection of Natural Rights’, proceed with the very personal and down home tradition of attending their annual meetings. Something the Californian has not bothered to take the time to understand.

The promise to work with the locals has slowly ebbed away as the Weare meeting this Saturday grows near. The California media “expert” has opened mouth and let fly with one damaging comment after another since he showed up. It was manageable until his latest eruption, an email he sent all over NH without first checking with the local guys at CFPNR. It includes threatening the wrong people with lawsuits if the citizens warrant article is amended, bringing in “cannons full of lawyers” and other stupid comments one could only attribute to a person who has limited media skills.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has worked with some members of the local group since the day after the Kelo Decision was rendered and before this media hog sent his single, shabby fax to the Weare Town office and started claiming ownership of the Souter issue. CNHT was there for the Weare voters when it came time to remove the police chief two years ago and we wanted to help again but the media instantly took a shine to Mr. Media. We have continued to consult with the CFPNR group behind the scenes. Until now.

CNHT respects the voters of the Town of Weare enough to let them look at the opportunity that lies before them. It is not often any group of people have the chance to send a message that will resound across America. That message is simple. Property rights! Leave your elitist, greedy hands off our homes!

Weare voters are offered some new candidates for selectman this year as well. It would be wise of Weare voters to ask each candidate where they stand on property rights and consider this: Wouldn't you want elected officials who care enough about Weare residents stand up to powerful forces and use the legitimate tools at their disposal to defend their neighbors?

Think about what is at stake. The US Supreme Court vs. a handful of moms and dads with a petition to the voters of their town. A two hundred year old tradition of local government facing people of unlimited power who think they are now kings. That job not being enough, they get saddled at the last minute with a loose cannon from California who doesn't understand you have to win over voters in Weare before you start your film career.

I offer a glimpse of who the media expert is in his own emailed words since he seems to enjoy publicity so much.

-----Original Message-----
From: Logan [mailto:logan@freestarmedia.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 4:21 PM
To: ‘Lars’; 'Michael'; Joshua; Gary S Hopper; 'Hob Goblin'; 'Keith'; ‘Lisa’; ‘HCAudit’
Subject: Logan responds

Thank you Lars.

Yes, if anyone has a problem with my comments or actions please call or
e-mail me directly. I generally try to let everyone know what I'm planning
beforehand but often I don't get any feedback so I stopped asking.

The risk to this overall project is that the Selectmen torpedo the warrant
article this Saturday. If they change the language of the warrant article I
believe they are violating the Constitutional rights of the people who
signed the warrant. Therefore, legal action is justified. I stand by my

The best outcome is for the Selectmen to not touch the warrant article at
all. This is the purpose of my saber-rattling about lawsuits. The reason
you show your weapons is so that you do not have to use them. My words are
intended to keep the Selectmen honest.

We should have an attorney at the Deliberative Session and I wasn't the
first person to mention this idea. An attorney will be well versed on what
the Selectmen are allowed to do and what they aren't. An attorney will let
them know that they can't do something sneaky without getting caught and
suffering the legal repercussions.

I don't know who Mike is, but in regards to his comments...
I have done everything possible to make it clear to the media that although
I was the originator of the project, it is now being driven completely by
Weare residents and other local supporters. I mention the CPNR and
natural-rights.org every chance I get. I am the one that twisted the arm of
the producer of Hannity and Colmes to put Joshua Solomon on the air several
months ago.

Joshua also appeared on H&C on Monday 1/23. Did anyone see it? If you
missed Joshua's appearance you can watch it on the Internet.
1. Go to: http://www.foxnews.com
2. Click the "Video" link on the top right side
3. Move the slider on the left side down and click "Hannity & Colmes"
4. Click the picture of Joshua that appears on the lower right under the
title "Eminent Domain Debate".
...a new window will appear and the video will start.

This project will only succeed if Weare voters understand that local people
are driving it but with the support of all of America.

[Editors note: Hmm, wonder where he got that idea? But read on for the kicker…]

Furthermore, I absolutely am trying to launch a career as a pro-freedom
(anti-Michael Moore) film maker. I don't apologize for this at all. We
need someone in Hollywood to fight socialism through movies. So yes I do
have an "agenda". I want to be able to make a living fighting abusive
government through projects like this one, and documentary movies.

My immediate agenda is for this project to succeed. But for this particular project to succeed it must be clear to Weare voters that Weare residents are the driving force behind it. I've been saying this from the beginning.

[Editor's note: The editor takes issue with the veracity of the above statement. It really appears to have been the other way around...and Clements just hijacked it.]

The"hand-off" if you will, seems to be working very well. You've formed the CPNR. I've gotten the national (and international) media to take notice of the CPNR and the particular people leading it. I've encouraged my supporters to donate to the CPNR and to Joshua Solomon's campaign. And, at
the rally the media reports all accurately reported that it was driven by the CPNR.

Let's stick together and not fight amongst ourselves. If you have any
problems with my words or actions in the future please contact me directly.
My phone number is 310-593-4843 and my e-mail is logan@freestarmedia.com

Toward a free nation,
Logan Darrow Clements
Executive Producer
Freestar Media, LLC
Los Angeles, California
310-593-4843 office
310-795-2509 mobile

CNHT promised to abide by the direction the local Weare residents chose in the Souter issue. We kept our word. Mr. Media lost his perspective. We hope he hasn't damaged the grassroots effort and voters look beyond his shenanigans.