Bankrupting the Village: Timeline in Bedford

Here is a reverse time-line for the new Bedford school construction “Plan” voted in last year. Where have all the supporters gone? And whatever happened to “Build It And They Will Come.”?

Home Sales for ZIP Code 03110 Bedford NH

Month-Year #Sales Average Sales Price

02-2006 2 $306,000.00
01-2006 40 $424,000.00 taxpayers find out school will cost $60 million
12-2005 19 $438,000.00
11-2005 51 $466,000.00
10-2005 48 $428,000.00
09-2005 34 $501,000.00
08-2005 46 $560,000.00
07-2005 48 $486,000.00
06-2005 31 $463,000.00
05-2005 23 $451,000.00
04-2005 22 $477,000.00 $46 million school passes during snowstorm
03-2005 24 $410,000.00
02-2005 18 $563,000.00
01-2005 23 $428,000.00
12-2004 18 $429,000.00
11-2004 37 $406,000.00
10-2004 30 $457,000.00
09-2004 33 $402,000.00
08-2004 57 $450,000.00
07-2004 65 $475,000.00
06-2004 49 $387,000.00
05-2004 29 $479,000.00
04-2004 16 $401,000.00
03-2004 21 $387,000.00
02-2004 22 $366,000.00
01-2004 42 $375,000.00

March 2005 — Annual school board election SB2
WHO COULD MAKE IT TO THE POLLS during a snowstorm
that canceled many other annual meetings.

February 2005 — Session 1 of school board's deliberative
session for the upcoming March SB 2 ballot election to
deliberate another citizen petitioned warrant article to
sign the tuition contract with Manchester. School board's
warrant article appears to approve bonding in the amount of
$49.5 million dollars for a combo school of grades 7,8
and a high school. (Notice the “deal” to bring in more voters
by catering to another set of grades. This is very common in
unnecessary construction projects.)

January 2005 — Supreme Court issues zip opinion ruling
in favor of Bedford School Board and preventing petitioners/
plaintiffs from having a 'hearing on the merits'.

June 2004 — Special election petitioners file suit against
Bedford School Board.

June 2004 — Bedford School Board refuses to comply with
election results and refuses to sign tuition agreement.

June 2004 — Special Election petitioned by 1500 citizens
demanding that school board sign the 20 year tuition
agreement with Manchester PASSES WITH A HUGE

March 2004 — Annual School Board's Election (SB2)
proposed Warrant Article for a $45 million dollar
bond to build a high school FAILS AT THE POLLS
Tuition contract passes. Bedford Academy passes.

February 2004 — Session I or school board's deliberate
session prior to the Annual Secret Ballot Election SB2
to be held in March, 2004, the citizen petitioned warrant
article (originally proposed by Attorney Stan Tefft and
including 800 signatures) requiring the 'Bedford School
Board to sign the 20 year tuition agreement with Manchester'
was unlawfully amended by then Town Council Chairman,
Bill Greiner, by the insertion of the words "if, and only
if, the high school bond passes".

November 2003 — Bedford School Board 'special of the
day' Warrant Article again for a $45 million dollar bond
to build a high school FAILS AT THE POLLS* (boycott)

July 2003 — School Board's special election (SB2)
Warrant Article for $9 million dollar bond to
buy land on Route 101 to build a high school

March 2003 — Annual Secret Ballot Election SB2
School Board's Warrant Article for $45 million dollar bond
to build a high school FAILS AT THE POLLS.
Tuition contract with Manchester passes.

Currently there are few articles in the local papers from the supporters of the new school now that it is becoming apparent that the per student cost will rise from $7-$8,000 for tuition in Manchester to about $15,000 for an education in Bedford – whatever that will be like.

The projected student “increases” are actually dropping, as are the jaws of taxpayers as they discover a new soccer field is “sinking,” a new access road is needed, water lines need improvement, teachers need to be hired, and supplies and furniture bought.

The School Superintendent Ann “Reamed'us” who promoted the construction is leaving, as is the school board chair Dan Sullivan..

The head of the local 'taxpayer' organization, Roy Stewart, who supported the new construction because the student population was supposedly growing, has not given an explanation of the newly found costs for the project to the press. The press dutifully reported every emanation from him during the campaign to build this fiasco. Now there is silence.