News From One Of My Favorite Unions

We have been somewhat busy at CNHT these last few weeks gathering up the low-hanging fruit of town meeting season so I almost let this slip by.

There is a union down in Washington DC that tracks our NH Congressional Delegation very closely. It's the typical monolithic big money operation full of professionals that endeavors to sway public opinion with annual reports and awards. You may have heard of them. The organization is called The National Taxpayer Union, also know as the AFL-CIO-NOT.

National Taxpayers Union gives a “Taxpayers Friend” award to the smartest members of Congress, who, based on their ability to comprehend the inner workings of a legislative body as well as grasp macro-economics, and also recognize a ponzi scheme when they see one and are loathe to feed it more citizens paychecks if they can help it. Here is what it takes to qualify.

“NTU believes a score qualifying for a grade of "A" indicates the Member of Congress is one of the strongest supporters of responsible tax and spending policies. We are pleased to give these Members of Congress our "Taxpayers' Friend Award."

“Strongest supporters of responsible tax and spending policies” - has a nice ring to it.

That description doesn't paste tax and spend liberals with unflattering names like liberal or progressive. Why bother. We all know the difference between liberal/progressive tax and spend, big government types and responsible, intelligent, public servants who represent the people who sent them to Washington.

So what a coincidence New Hampshire's United States Senator John E. Sununu should get the top 2005 award, thats right, number one, from the National taxpayer Union!

John Sununu ran against a liberal/progressive, tax and spend, big government type when he won his seat in the Senate and beat her soundly. NH voters were give a clear choice and they took it.

Now all Americans benefit.

You can become a union member by contacting