Lt. Gov. Michael Steele Opens His Mail First...For Once!

It must be nice to be regarded as a black Republican up and comer. You get all types of attention. Take Maryland Lt. Governor Mike Steele for instance. His threat to the Democrat power base in his home state was so unsettling that two of Senator Chuck Schumer's Democrat Senate Campaign Committee dirty tricksters were compelled to dig into his credit card history for future use.

We haven't seen this in public display since Hillary's goon squad grabbed 900 FBI files.

Here is what can be gleaned from meager press reports:

In July 2005, Katie Barge, a Democrat Senate Campaign Committee employee, and another dirt digger, Lauren Weiner, used Steele's social security number to access his credit card records. This would be known in the political world as “opposition research.” This type though is a Federal offense, depending on which party you are from, and carries a two year sentence.

Katie Barge left a job as head of research at Liberal/Progressive David Brock's Media Matters web site to take the DSCC job. Good old Chuck Schumer is the head of the DSCC. Barge started out as “researcher” on the US Senate campaign of Erskine Bowles down in North Carolina. That would be, Clintonista, Erskine Bowles.

Let's do some background on the players. Remember the old song “Dem' Bones” where the lyrics went “the thigh bone connect'a to da hip bone?” Here goes.

Brock used to be the darling of the right, working as a muckraker. He is still a darling as well as a darling of the left. You see, Brock switched sides and is now a Democrat muckraker. Gee, Katie Barge must be quite a talented girl to have overseen all the people who work for Brock, to have worked in a senate campaign for Bowles, and then landed at the DSCC.

Now that Katie needs a lawyer she has the services of former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey's sex scandal lawyer, William Lawler III. Wow! This young lady gets the best. I wonder who pays to keep all this quiet?

The other dirty trickster, Lauren B. Weiner, is a Scarsdale, N.Y., native. She graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and while there in 2000 Weiner published an article about Web access to personal records. Interesting credentials!

This has been kept under the radar by the national news media since July 05 but I downloaded several articles about it at the time in anticipation of the inevitable. Here it is: The Washington Post clean-up job and combo sob story about two young girls swept up in events beyond their control.

Here is how the Post describes and downplays what happened to the Lt. Governor of Maryland:

“The episode, which happened last July, came as both parties started digging into the backgrounds of opposing candidates for one of Maryland's marquee races this year, the contest to replace retiring Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes (D). Opposition research is typical in contested statewide races, but it is illegal under federal law to obtain a credit report under false pretenses.”

I understand now! BOTH parties are guilty and this is really not a crime but rather a simple “episode.” (Notice how I threw the subliminal “rather” in there, as in Dan. Two can play this game.)

Two more whoppers from the Post. Quotes from Lauren B. Wiener's lawyer, as Lauren is the only wiener being charged:

"She basically made a mistake, and she is accepting responsibility for that mistake," Ellerman said. "She wants to get on with her life."

Ellerman said Steele's credit report was destroyed and not disseminated to anyone.”

Of course the Lt. Governor's credit records were not shown to anyone. They are in “Stolen Document Limbo” where all such documents stay until they just show up one day like Hillary's stolen FBI records.

And to end all future discussion, debate, and embarrassing news on the subject we have this grand closing from the Post:

“William Lawler, an attorney for Barge, said it is his understanding from prosecutors that neither his client nor the DSCC will be charged.

"We're pleased to see this matter come to a conclusion," DSCC spokesman Phil Singer said last night. "Our thoughts are with Lauren. She is a fine person who made a mistake."

Channing Phillips, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office, would not comment on the case or why the office is apparently not charging Barge, who was Weiner's boss at the DSCC.

Conclusion: The Weiner pleads to a misdemeanor.

The DSCC, Katie Barge the bag man, Schumer the internet secrecy senator, and the parade of liberals around them escape further investigation or interest by the press.

Kind of reminds one of Democrat dirty tricksters Jessie Burchfield and Sen. John Kerry's employee, Geoff Wetrosky, here in NH doesn't it?