Will NH's Managed Media Miss The Boat Again?

Recently, media attention has focused squarely on Virginia Beecher, the Commissioner of the NH DMV being re-nominated in spite of all the problems at her department. Things got so bad Gov. John Lynch ordered her to submit a management plan for the division.
(I suggest she use the one Ned Helms submitted as a format.)

The list of charges:

She took out of state trips and can't get the computers straightened out.

Dangerous drivers are being left loose on the road much later than they should be, and not taken off the road until their time off the road is up so they can be back on the road again. I think I have that right?

Another problem. Non-English speakers were being turned away from DMV substations with no translators and then had to drive all the way to Concord to get anything done.

All the papers are hitting the “theme of the week,” leapfrogging and spring-boarding off the in-depth Telegraph investigation where they talked to a DMV employee. Even WCAX TV of Vt. climbed aboard the fish wrapper express.

I wonder if the same scrutiny will apply to Timothy J. Connors, Chairman of the NH Pari-Mutuel Commission. He is up for re-appointment.

If memory serves me well we had a little “incident” with some Gambino mob operations using a NH racetrack for illegal gambling and money laundering. That was last April under the commission's watch. The authorities in New York had to do the heavy lifting in that investigation. Our NH guys were.....?

So everything must be all “better” now.

Another reason not to expand New Hampshire gambling or follow NH newspapers too seriously.