Hot Democrat Races For Congress

CNHT News Flash for 4/1/06

The Democrat Primary for Districts #1 and #2 just became even more crowded after a new ruling by Deputy AG Bud Fitch.

Fitch has drafted some interesting opinions in the past regarding elections in NH but his newest draft has Democrats really excited.

Under his newest and ever-changing interpretation of the domicile of a voter or candidate, Fitch has ruled that is is now possible for South Dakota resident Geoff Wetrosky to run for Congress as a New Hampshire citizen as he has always “in his mind” wanted to live in the Granite State and told somebody that once as proof. That is only part of this exciting news.

Since Wetrosky, according to Fitch, had always “in his mind” wanted to live in NH and had never actually established a home here, he can run in BOTH DISTRICTS!

This is really self-evident in the language of State Statutes if you read them in bed with a flashlight under your Buzz Lightyear sheets.

It gets better.

Mr. Wetrosky can run from Democrat Party Chair Kathy Sullivan's house, where he was a recent NH voter, or he can run from Salem with a post office box. The latter choice is probably the hardest to accomplish because so many Massachusetts residents have bought up all the available boxes to register their Lexuses and Beemers.

Wait there is more!

Since this is going to be a banner year for Democrats here in NH - where all America votes - our good friend Jesse Burchfield has agreed to come back to NH to run Geoff's campaign.

We hear donations are through the roof!