Little Evidence of Voter Fraud Part V

Lots of people find it hard to define voter fraud. I guess it must be like pornography – you know it when you see it.

No wait. This is more like - you know it when the other party does it. That is the New Hampshire Attorney Generals office’s way.

In any case, take a look at this mug:


The lady pictured in this latest article is Ann Lorber of Deering. She is, and has been for a long time, an election official elected by the good people of this town.

Ann started me on my voter fraud mission in 1996 when I ran for selectmen here in one of the most corrupt towns in NH. As usual, Ann was in her regular post checking off the names of voters who cane in to vote. Her job that day was to check each voter off the master list as they come in the door to vote. She told each one, as she checked off their name, that they should not vote for Ed Naile because she knew me personally and that I was a liar.

Afterwards, three people signed affidavits to this effect. Two were from her own church.

Let me re-state what happened. Ann Lorber, Supervisor of the Checklist of Deering then and now, told voters selectman candidate Ed Naile was a liar and not to vote for him. I forgot to mention she did that at the cooperative school election as well just to make sure all the voters were enlightened by her information. She also informed voters a second candidate, Herb Fredericks, could not read or write or do math.

I forgot to mention that she made small sign for in front of the town hall that implied I had stolen $250 from the fire department as well. (Yes I have a photo of it.) As clerk of the works for a new fire station in town I had paid a septic designer with a business check of my own and was reimbursed by the building fund later. There is my crime.

Under state statute, violators of election laws such as Ann are to be turned into the Attorney Generals Office. Back in 1996 I did not know these people were a joke and that the place was full of political hacks so I informed the Moderators, Russ Galpin of SAU #34 and Chuck Gadies of Deering of what Ann did, along with the affidavits and they sent letters to the AG informing the office of such.

The AG's office responded with a short letter explaining to Ann Lorber that if she did anything like this again they would take action.

But that is only PART of the story. Now for an inside look at local politics NH style. This is how things really work.

Ann is part of the tax and spend crowd in Deering and runs the “telephone tree” upon which groups like this depend. The “telephone tree” is the get out the vote machine which helps liberals in small towns control who gets elected and what gets spent. As a Supervisor of the Checklist, Ann has access to who votes and how often. This is what CNHT is training our small taxpayer groups to do in response.

With access to all the “right people” in town all Ann had to do was call up voters and complain that I had made such a frivolous charge against her the AG's office threw it out.

Ann was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2000 and is still in her perch.

As a side note: I do not vote in town much any longer because I am off at other towns polling stations most election days so if I used an absentee ballot I would place myself in a position of being prosecuted for abusing that process, as I am technically in the state. But one of the last times I did vote and passed her station to be checked off, Ann Lorber asked me if I noticed who was voting behind me in line and I said “yes.” Ann was referring to a resident of Hillsboro and former neighbor of mine named Kay Bliss who moved out of town years before and sold her home to her nephew. Her nephew by the way, is a resident of Maryland who registers his car in Deering and votes here. And so it goes.

Now I am not an expert on what constitutes voter fraud but I do know one thing.

If the AG's office had done its job in 1996 in Deering maybe I wouldn't be such a thorn in their side.