Feds Break Out The Powder Puff

And we get to keep our four foot “Where is Jesse Burchfield” banner handy.

Whenever you look at blatant Democrat election law violations, not only Geoff Wetrosky, but Jesse Burchfield gets a free pass – along with their accomplices.

The gears of justice grind slowly but finally, Jesse Burchfield, former NH Senator Burt Cohen's old campaign guru has met his fate. Big stinking deal - emphasis on the word DEAL!

Burchfield will be forced to endure home confinement FOR SIX MONTHS!!!! I can just see his blubbering face when that over-the-top sentence was handed down. Rather than being sent to prison for two years, imagine being trapped in your own home for six months instead! Oh the humanity. Oh the Cheese Doodles and lite beer.

And if that wasn't enough “punishment.” If he does indeed survive this challenge, the next hurdle will be PROBATION FOR A SOLID YEAR!!! Hide the children's eyes.

Let's put it in perspective again since our NH press has a reluctance to follow the money on this issue.

Burchfield was the “campaign manager” from “nowhere” who held a mesmerizing spell over our hapless State Senator Burt Cohen to the point the good Senator could not check the campaign books. Makes you wonder what happened to the CAMPIAGN TREASURER?????????? Did Burchfield wig him out as well? Or did Sen. Cohen not want to question a campaign manager who may have been provided by a potential presidential candidate just as sign thief Geoff Wetrosky was provided to mayor Baines by John Kerry?

So Burchie pads the Cohen campaign war-chest by a smidgen. Smidgen = $300,000.00 in this case.

He did this deliberately and with the intent of luring more dollars to the campaign from various lawyers and artsy folk from out of state. (I have the donor list. It reads like a veritable “Who's Who” of “Who The Hell are You?”)

I did a little background check on Burchie and found he was very eager to leave his last campaign in Florida where his outrageous claims against a Democrat primary opponent cost his candidate boss a few grand in a liable lawsuit.

Now for “damage done” balance sheet of election fraud.

Republican phone jamming = prison sentence.
Votes stolen = 0.
Candidates chances harmed = 0.
Pockets picked = 0
Investigation = infinity.
Press coverage = hourly

Democrat Finance Fraud = slap on wrist, beer, snacks, Oprah on the big screen.
Votes stolen = everyone who would have voted for Cohen.
Candidates chances harmed = 1 for good, + 1 replacement.
Pockets picked = $100 thousand for the campaign from the candidate, $32,000. for audits, who knows for legal plus sucker donors who thought this boat would float were defrauded.
Investigation = hardly.
Press coverage = 1 blogger.